Siamo gli unici in Italia! Scaffalature NEDCON

23 Marzo 2023

QUALITA', PRECISIONE e INNOVAZIONE | Oggi riconosciuta tra le migliori aziende europee nei sistemi di stoccaggio, da più di 40 anni Nedcon crea soluzioni intelligenti, creative ed innovative per il magazzino! La vasta gamma di prodotti di alta qualità permette di soddisfare qualsiasi tipo di esigenza, per qualsiasi tipologia di prodotto da stoccare.

Dove e come vengono prodotte le nostre scaffalature 

Dal 2003 Supino è partner e importatore unico per l’Italia NEDCON, fornitore di scaffalature di magazzino manuali e sistemi semiautomatici. Da venti anni Supino al fianco di Nedcon con prodotti innovativi e di qualità per uno stoccaggio preciso e flessibile. Vola con noi all’interno della produzione di Pardubice, Repubblica Ceca - CZ, GUARDA IL VIDEO!

video nedcon pardubice supino importatore italia

Orgogliosi della scelta fatta, dal 2003 siamo partner di questa azienda, condividiamo la stessa filosofia di trovare soluzioni ad ogni tipo di esigenza con particolare attenzione alla qualità dei materiali e alle nuove tecnologie di stoccaggio.

nedcon solidita porta pallet storage

1. About NEDCON

Since the early days of NEDCON in 1969, we have accumulated a wealth of knowledge and experience with storage systems. From manual warehouse racks and semi-automatic systems, to an integral approach for complex and automated warehouse layouts. And we use this experience to do our very best to exceed your expectations.

At NEDCON, we like to get things done. It’s in our blood. If there’s something we’re good at, it’s planning and realisation. Even if the task initially seems impossible. We are always looking for a solution, new ideas or a different approach that opens up new possibilities.

This way of working distinguishes us from the rest. For more than 50 years. Our secret lies in our commitment. To customers and projects, but also to each other and the company. A lot of colleagues have helped build NEDCON and have worked together for a long time. That creates a kind of family environment, into which new colleagues are welcomed with open arms. And where creativity, innovation, talent and quality can thrive. This way, our special corporate culture radiates into our projects.

International player | NEDCON has led the way in storage systems for decades. Globally. Since 2004, NEDCON has been an independent part of the international steel concern voestalpine. The NEDCON head office is located in Doetinchem. In addition, we have our own manufacturing location in Pardubice (Czech Republic) and there are NEDCON branches in various European countries and in the United States. We also offer our products via a reseller network.

2. The process

You want a warehouse that fits like a glove. That precisely suits your products and business processes. NEDCON is happy to help you look for exactly what you need. Based on that, we can create an ingenious custom-made storage system. A storage system that will allow you to store goods efficiently, so that you can maximize the use of space while considerably minimizing costs. And that allows your employees to work safely and ergonomically. You have one point of contact for the entire process from design to installation, your own account manager. He or she is familiar with all of your business processes and can give you excellent advice.

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3. If it can be done, consider it done

With us, your storage issues are in good hands. Regardless of whether you want to store nuts and bolts, aircraft components or fresh fruit. And regardless of whether you want your warehouse or distribution center to be automatic, semi-automatic or manual. Our experienced professionals are always ready to assist you with high-quality products and intelligent, creative and innovative solutions.

nedcon porta pallet storage

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Siamo gli unici in Italia! Scaffalature NEDCON